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Babbal Rai is an Indian Punjabi vocalist, lyricist, and film performing artist. His genuine original name is Simranjeet Singh Rai. In Melbourne, he uploaded a video called “Australian Challa” which made him a YouTube sensation. He worked really hard to become what he is now. He rose to notoriety from the tune Nikki Jehi Jind which become best one of the best Babbal Rai Songs. He featured in the film Mr and Mrs 420, alongside Jassi Gill and Binnu Dhillon.

Babbal Rai made his mark with the collection SAU PUTT which too brought him into the spotlight in the Punjabi music industry. His collection was not a colossal hit as Rai was not able to come to India to promote his album. In 2012, he released his single track “Sohni”. The track Sohni made him a moment achiever and later Taur and Tere Naam made him immensely popular. Rai sang his first playback tune for Jimmy Shergill’s Punjabi film Rangeelay he also starred in a multi-starred extend for 9X Tashan “Kudi Tu Pataka” which was released the next year and was exceedingly acclaimed by the people. In 2014 Babbal released his second collection Girlfriend under the mark Speed Records in which the tracks like “Yaarian”, “Tere layi”, “Tuttian”, “Jattan Da Munda” were a tremendous achievement. The tune Akh Teri was the most acclaimed track in the collection. In March 2015, he released his single track “Youth Returns” with the other Punjabi vocalist Jassi Gill. This is the list of Babbal Rai all songs and the best video songs of Babbal Rai:

Babbal Rai Songs List:

1. Sohni Babbal Rai
This track came in 2012 and I would consider it one of the best songs of Babbal Rai. This track made him the star and gave him the recognition which he was looking for so, the Video is amazing and it also says don’t worry you will find a better person. 😛

2. Tera Naam Babbal Rai
After Sohni the track which made him huge was Tera Naam and it is one of my favorite song with amazing video. I Loved the way, video blended with this melody. So, If you want a Babbal Rai Best Songs then consider this song as the perfect example of this category.

3. Tere layi Babbal Rai
Don’t have words to express and give my opinion on this song. This track is so melodious and extraordinary at the time it released, the song went viral and it becomes my favorite song. Watch Babbal Rai Tere layi video below but first, let’s come to the video, Video is so amazingly showcased that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Love the video so much.

4. Akh Teri Babbal Rai
“Billi Billi Akh Teri Soniye” This song is from the album Girlfriend and one of the best albums ever produced by him in which he gave several hit songs in a single album and one of the best Babbal Rai songs. The long deserving popularity he was looking for earlier with his album “Sau Putt” was fulfilled by “Girlfriend” album. This is an Energetic song with amazing dance moves and with Mofo-lactic giving his Music for this track.

5. One Dream Song
Babbal rai one dream song is so astonishing and one of the best songs of him in recent times. Whenever his song is about to release there are always high hopes from him to deliver a hit song and this song was a Chartbuster. This is one of the Babbal Rai hit songs and do watch Babbal Rai one dream video here:

6. Jattan Da Munda Babbal Rai
This track was so famous and a big hit from his album Girlfriend. This song was critically acclaimed and highly popular among youth. Jassi Gill gave special appearance in this Music Video. This is one of the most popular Babbal Rai songs of all time.

7. Taur Babbal Rai
It is from the album “Do Ghutt” and this track is also a hit from this album. Do Ghutt came in 2013 and produced “Taur” song. It is a Magnificent track by him, fast-paced and electrifying song. Taur Babbal Rai song is kind of old melody and the video quality is low, but the video is so amazing. It has that quirk which is needed in a song.

8. Yaariyan by Babbal Rai
Want to hear a sad song and related to friendship then listen to this song. But the song is actually about the trust on another person. Yaariyan Babbal Rai is also from the album Girlfriend and this track is a popular song by him.

9. Girlfriend Babbal Rai
This is the title track of the album Girlfriend and I must say that you guys should watch its video and dance on this number. But the lyrics are also very true as nowadays people who are still single thinks a lot like that. 😛 Babbal Rai Girlfriend is a great song and the most popular Babbal Rai songs of all time with catchy lyrics and awesome video.

 10. Babbal Rai Deor Bharjayii
It released on 15 Feb 2016 and it has accumulated approx. 8.3 million views and still the numbers are increasing with each passing day. Deor Bharjayii Song is good, the video is brilliant and it’s a dance number which will make you groove on this track.

11. Gaddiyan Babbal Rai Song
It has Amazing music and video too. Babbal Rai latest song which came recently and it is from the movie Sargi in which Jassi Gill and Babbal Rai acted. Apart from them one of the actresses was Rubina Bajwa who is the sister of Neeru Bajwa. The song is awesome no doubt.

12. Na Kar Gayi Babbal Rai
It is a Romantic song with superb video and the great screenplay. Completely loved this track and the model was great with her expressions. Babbal Rai new video song and the way track starts it gives the vibe of awesomeness. So, Listen to this astonishing song and tell me about your views on this song too.

13. Yaar Jatt De Babbal Rai
It is a single track and this melody is about the friendship and will do anything for friends, which is amazing to see and this melody is for the people who have great friends and do share this song with them. It is one of the popular Babbal Rai songs in which he collaborated with Jassi Gill again and delivered a much-needed hit song.

14. Youngster Returns Song
This song was also a collaboration of Babbal Rai and Jassi Gill. These two delivered a gigantic song with amazing dynamic music and different theme or story. People say it like ”Jatt de tikane baliye” song. Hence, Loved the video and audio of this track and it is a single track of him and it is for me, one of the best Rai songs.

15. Jhumke Song
Another song from the movie “Sargi ”and another collaboration of Jassi Gill and Babbal Rai. It featured Punjabi actress Nimrat Khaira. Jhumke Babbal Rai is astounding and the video is kind of cute. Love the way Babbal Rai spread his magic and Jassi Gill complimented him for making a great scene.

16. Sun Ja Babbal Rai    
From the album The First Chapter- Sau Putt which was the debut album of him and it was released at around 2010. I personally loved this track of him from all old songs it is like an old wine tastes better after time hence it is one of the popular Babbal Rai songs. The video was good, but not that great and the music is good too. Just watch it tell me about your views of this song as well.

17. Nikki Jehi Jind Babbal Rai
He made this video to showcase his struggle what he did in Australia for living how did he make it so big. So, Just listen to this song’s lyrics and watch the video to see the struggle. Now he has become a huge star in Pollywood. Though the song is amazing and video is oldest but the great one. It is one of the best Babbal Rai songs.

These are the Babbal Rai all songs with great videos. Now, He has proved himself in the Pollywood industry and become what he is now. So, all the respect to him for achieving this on his own. Nonetheless, I will update Babbal Rai new songs whenever they will release the video.

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